Vintage Shopping & Falafels!


Today I went to Le Marais. Located in the 4th district, right at the heart of the city and home to many chic boutiques, vintage stores and Jewish delicacies.

“Oh my gosh, you should totally go, you’re going to love it!'”

“I just love the feel there, it’s so trendy!”

“Forget the clothing stores, go for the falafels!”

After numerous recommendations such as these from fellow Paris city dwellers,  I finally decided to take a quick trip to Le Marais myself to find out what all the fuss was about….

With its cobble stone streets and hidden courtyards, this area exudes an old charm. I’m liking it already, cool,  stylish, reminds me of Soho in London….

Within just 5 minutes into my walk I’m surrounded by dozens of ultra cool and edgy clothing stores. I catch myself oooing and ahhhing at the creative window displays, wanting to go in each and each one to stop and stare.





I stumble upon two unbelievably good vintage stores, Free-P star and Cassette.

For a girl on a student budget, price is always very important. And the unfortunate reality is despite the fact I am living in the no. 1 fashion destination on the planet I seldom go shopping because of the ridiculously high prices. (Well not as often as I would like).  But these two shops are perfect for shopping savvy vintage lovers like myself.

With items from every decade you can think of, Levi jeans shorts, 80’s leather jackets, 20’s style purses, berets….I come to accept to that I am indeed in vintage paradise.



Many of the shops continue with a whole underground level, heaving with a jumble of fur coats and classic tweed blazers.


Two hours later and I’m all shopped out but before I leave I must do one very important thing… eat a falafel!

Shops with signs in Hebrew bolster its image as the Jewish quarter of Paris, but that only dates from the 19th century and is now fading fast. However the Jewish legacy remains with the bakeries and Jewish take-outs on every street corner.

Where to go? I think. Too much choice. I take a glance at King Falafel’s but with the queue stretching right down to the end of the street, I quickly move along.

Then I spot this little place, Mi Va Mi.


One of the servers spots me and tells me to come closer….


“Here, we serve the best Falafel’s in Paris!”  he declares proudly with a wide grin.

Well I guess my decision is made then, I think to myself….

And boy was he right.

Naturally, I opted for the classic falafel. Much Larger than I expected and filled to the max with aubergine, cucumber, deliciously sweet shredded cabbage and of course the ‘famous’ falafel with a good dollop of spicy harissa sauce to finish.


It was gorgeous, the perfect combination of sweet and spicy and with such generous servings it is extremely good value for money at just 6 euros!


It’s safe to say that I had a wonderful time at Le Marais. If you happen to be in Paris, drop by, you won’t regret it!


Lola xo



10 responses to “Vintage Shopping & Falafels!

  1. Hi, I’m Liv, I’m really interested in fashion and think you’d like my posts! I would be really grateful if you could check out my blog and follow me back! Thank you so much! X

  2. Hi Lola, I am a teacher ( of French and Spanish) and I spotted a link to your blog looking for resources while lesson planning ( my daughter is also a Lola so I was even more intrigued!). All I can say is what a great blog and what an inspiration to language students, I will be recommending your blog to my students, (if you don’t mind!)

    • Hi! Thank you so much for your comment, it means a lot. I’m so happy that you find my blog useful, especially for language students and are more than welcome to spread the word to your students! :D

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