Saying Goodbyes

Saying Goodbyes


As it draws closer to the end of the Erasmus academic year many of my international friends in Paris are now making their way back home. These photos were taken at the leaving brunch for my friends who happen to be going back to their respective countries this weekend. I know, it sucks!

Today we enjoyed a fantastic ‘goodbye’ brunch. Good food, good fun and great company. However, having to say goodbye was really a lot more difficult than I anticipated.

It taught me that despite all the relationships you develop during your year abroad, it all has an expiration date and that none of this life that I now lead is permanent.

You come to a new country full of hope, fear and anticipation. You have your ups and downs, your homesickness and loneliness  but then after a while you start to settle down and adjust to your new environment.

You come to accept the ridiculously slow French bureaucracy, that there is a constant smell of cigarette smoke in the air and that you will never find cheddar cheese in a supermarket. Only to be told that you have to go back, that this place you have called home for the past 9 months is not your life but just a stepping stone to bigger and better things.


It’s hard to say goodbye but its part of life, I guess.


Lola xo


2 responses to “Saying Goodbyes

  1. So true, I also feel the same as I’ll soon be heading back to the UK, I first hated China but now have gotten into it and am enjoying my time here, I can’t imagine going back and leaving all of this. Excited for some cheddar cheese though!

    • Mmm cheddar haha! Yeh I totally get you, it’s weird because you become so accustomed to your environment and then in a blink of an eye you have to go back home :( How long left until you go back?

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