Dans Ma Rue Parisienne



Coucou tout le monde!

The sun has been kind to us in Paris these past few days so I thought I would make the most of this opportunity by taking a few photos of my favourite place in Paris. No, it’s not the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame or even the Moulin Rouge…

It’s my road. Rue de Rennes, ma rue parisienne.

Situated in the chic 6th district, Rue de Rennes is one of the most famous, (and longest) streets in Paris and I am lucky enough to live there!

Despite the fact that this road is practically right on my door step, I can never get tired of it. This super-sized boulevard is a haven for people-watching window shoppers like myself, as you can always guarantee a feast for your eyes as you stroll along this glorious road.

The road encompasses everything I imagined of Paris before I moved here. Its glamour, sophistication, and Haussman architecture. What I particularly love about Rue de Renne is the way it embodies both the new and old of Paris. Stretching from Boulevard de Montparnasse to Boulevard St. Germain, this street connects both the modern architecture of Tour Montparnasse (the tallest building in Paris) with one of the oldest churches in the city, Eglise St. Germain-des-pres.


Above is a photo of arguably the two most famous cafes in all of Paris. Cafe de Flores and Les Deux Magots, two establishments where people from all over the world come to see and be seen.


Dog walkers and passing cars. It doesn’t get any more Parisian than that.


If you are into window shopping, Rue de Rennes has to be the place to go. Here you can find all there is to offer in the world of fashion from high-end designer boutiques to rustic vintage clothing stores and high street brands.


Restaurants and bars a plenty, serving drinks all day and night.



Just off rue de Renne is the Church of St. Sulpice, second only to the Notre Dame in its size.


So there you have it guys, ma rue parisienne.

What about you? Are there any places in your home country or abroad that you treasure?

Lola xo


3 responses to “Dans Ma Rue Parisienne

  1. Your blog is helping me a lot, I have read all your posts haha. My university that I will be going to next year is in the 6th arrondissement, and I was wondering if you know any tips on finding accommodation there? It just seems like I can’t find anywhere! And I thought of actually being close to the uni as it would be more convenient. Thank you!

  2. Wow, its great to see that someone out there is reading them! :) To be honest, I’ve had a bit of a nightmare finding accommodation in Paris. My best advise is to be persistent, use all the internet sites available and spread the word! Finding housing through a friend of a friend is always the best way in my opinion.

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