A Day in Marseille


It has now been 7 life-changing  months of living in Paris. 7 months of discovery and exploration, 7 months that I have thoroughly enjoyed. However, there comes a point, in each of us I believe, when the claustrophobia begins to take over, where the city that you call home is no longer a vast land of opportunity but an enclosed box slowly running out of air.

I’ll admit it, I was eager to get out of Paris. To see something new and discover the other many treasures of France. So I decided to go to Marseille.

In just a three-hour train ride I was transported to place of peace and calm, a rustic city glistening in the mediterranean sun, a place where the habitants leisurely stroll instead of march, where saying “bonjour” to the passerby is customary, a place where the waiters are actually nice to you! Wow, am I really in the same country? I thought to myself.

I was in France’s second city, deemed by many as “gritty”, full of racial tension and crime. I was pleasantly surprised…



I spent a wonderful day in Marseille.


And what about you? Are there any city’s that pleasantly surprised you? 


Lola xo


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