February Favourites #Paris


Are we are in March already!?

Every thing is going super vite in Paris that I am finding it hard to keep track of time.  However true to my word, I promised that I will write a blog post every month on some of the favourite things I come across in Paris.

So here is a list of my February favourites, enjoy!:

Le Comptoir Général


To be completely honest, I don’t really know what the Comptoir Général is, however for the purposes of this blog I will call it a musuem/bar/restaurant.

A bit confusing I know but truly one of the most amazing places I have ever seen! This hideout is set back on a long (and quiet) passageway right off Canal Saint-Martin. I was introduced to this place by a friend and was instantly amazed by the Afrocentric atmosphere. If you are fed up with the same cliché Parisian bars and are looking for something quirky and exciting, I would definitely recommend this place.  With an offer of exotic cocktails, museum-like exhibits, a cafeteria-style food hall and randomly placed tables and sofas inside, you can be there for hours and not want to leave!

Les Bourgeoises- Sylvie Oyhane


This novel tells the story of a young girl from the ‘ghetto’ who becomes thrusted into the world of the Parisian bourgeoisie. This is no typical story starting from A and ending at Z but rather a series of portraits of individuals the narrator encounters during her life, each of which allow you to slowly get an idea of how the narrator evolves after years being surrounded by the bourgeoie culture and lifestyle. I loved reading  this book, its rawness and honesty was refreshing and it really made you think about the long running issue of inequality and materialism within our society. As we follow the narrator through her life, we observe her tackle her desires, her contradictions, her beliefs and something that every girl can relate to, her insecurity.

The Louvre Museum


I recently wrote a post titled My Paris Bucket List which listed all the things I wanted to try and discover during my time in Paris. To my delight I am slowly but surely getting them done!

This month, I visited the Louvre museum, one of the most famous museums in the entire world! It was a bright and sunny day in Paris and so a friend and I decided to take a stroll to explore this gem that happened to be on our doorstep. What I had particularly dreamed of seeing was the Mona Lisa and though I saw it, it was not all that I had imagined it to be! It was a lot smaller than I expected, and with the crowds of people and body guards surrounding its perimeter, I must admit there was a slight anti-climax once I got a full glimpse of the painting. However, I did absolutely love the other exhibitions  in the museum. Some of which were truly mesmerising pieces of artwork!

Graffiti- Near Pere Lachaise Cemetery 


Graffiti has always been a controversial issue in many societies around the world, with some having very strong opinions on what it means and represents. Personally I just love graffiti and have encountered some truly incredible ones during my travels. I believe graffiti is an art when used in the right areas and in some cases (like the one above) it makes some things really come alive!

So that’s all folks. What were some of your favourites last month?

Lola xo


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