January Favourites #Paris

Being in a city like Paris,  there are so many things you can stumble upon that can really brighten up your day.  

With 7 months left to go before I leave this gorgeous city, I have decided to create a post for every month I am here sharing some of my most favourite things I have experienced.



One of the things on my Paris Bucket List was to eat a macaroon before I leave. Now I can proudly say that I have achieved it :D


Amazeballs! To be entirely honest I wasn’t exactly expecting big things from this round & shiny creation but it was truly delightful. So much so that I have purchased a macaroon every single week for three weeks in a row. I know, I may have an addiction 

For those of you who don’t know, Macaroons are kind of like heavenly combination between a biscuit and cake. Firm, yet chewy and coming in an array of flavours. This particular one was pistachio. YUM!



For any of you book lovers in Paris, this has to be the place to go. Located in St Michel, and just a few seconds from the metro are bright and cheerful  GilbertJeunes at your service.

Whether it’s a crime thriller you’re looking for or a physics textbook, you’ll find it with ease at this local book store.

What I particularly love about this GilbertJeune is that you can also buy second-hand novels, some of which start at just 1 euro!


Little Breizh (Creperie)


If you love crepes then you will absolutely love this place. This cute little restaurant can be found tucked away in the back streets of Odeon (the 6th arrondissement) and offers the most amazing crepes in the universe.

Sweet crepes?  No sweat
Savoury crepes?  Whatever you want in it, they’ll put it in for you.

And with the menus starting at 9 euros, it is pretty good value for money! Well, we are in Paris after all.


This has to be my super favourite of the month! Commeunfrancaise.com is a blog founded by Geraldine Lepere which specifically aims to help expats and tourists become more accustomed to France and French culture.

What I particularly love about this site is that Geraldine gives fun yet practical advice on how to behave while in France and  more importantly how to acquire the ‘french touch’.

Yves Saint Laurent- The Movie


A couple of days ago I finally got to watch one of the most highly anticipated french movies of the year, Yves Saint Laurent.

As a fashion enthusiast I was eager to see this film and gain some insight into one the most renowned fashion designers in the world. In just under two hours, this film transports you to a fashion utopia, it makes you laugh, weep and mesmerise at the life and works of Yves Matthieu Saint Laurent.

My Unfavourite of the month


If any of you are studying on interning in France then you should be able to sympathise with me.

Applying for the Caf has been the bane of my life. Who would have thought that filling in a few forms could be so exhausting?! After nearly 5 whole months battling out with CAF, I feel like I’m losing the will to live (in the figurative sense)

What are your favourites this month?

Lola xo


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