My Paris Bucket List

Bonne Année Tout le Monde!

Is it just me or has this year gone by really quickly? It seems like only moments ago that I was lounging by the pool in Malta fantasizing about my imminent adventures in Paris.

I am now 5 months in, and something is telling me that I have yet to experience Paris to the full extent of my capabilities.

Therefore, in true New Year spirit I have decided to devise a Bucket List of things to do before I say au revoir to this beloved city.


Go up the Eiffel Tower


Over priced and over hyped and yet I still really want to go up this bloody thing!! Twice I have stopped myself from parting with a ludicrous amount of euros to spend a few minutes to gaze at a view that you can probably see at Montparnasse for a fraction of the price.

Yet there is something about this gargantuan iron lattice tower that’s so alluring and to be honest they don’t call it one of the most visited monuments in the world for no reason!

Eat Snails

As far as I’m concerned snails are the lowest of the low, on a par with maggots. There the kind thing that when seen make the hairs on my arm stand on edge. There squirmy and slimy and leave a trail of thick white sludge in their midst.

Yet when I here the french speak of escargots*, seasoned and coated in a glorious garlic and herb sauce my mouth begins to water. Confused? So am I.

Since I moved to Paris I’ve visited a few french bistros but I haven’t been brave enough to order a plate of snails.

2014 has to be the year.

See the Mona Lisa

Reportedly worth well  over $700 m, The Mona Lisa has to be the most famous work of art on planet earth.  Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece was painted in the 16th century and is deemed by art historians alike to be a truly curious and enigmatic creation.

But why should I bother fighting through crowds of hundreds of people  just to gaze at a painting for no more than 15 seconds?

Because its on my bloody doorstep.

According to my GPS The Louvre, (the museum in which the painting is located) takes about 20 minutes by metro from my apartment. I’d be stupid not to go, right?

Eat a Macaroon


Because I haven’t eaten one before, and they always look so inviting in the window displays.

Sunbathe in the Jardins de Luxembourg


In my first hunt for an apartment, I vividly remember the picturesque view of people lazily lounging on the soft green grass at the Jardin de Luxembourg. At the time I was in a mad rush for somewhere to live, so I could only give a jealous glance in their direction. Unfortuantely, the weather quickly took a turn for the worse and I have never been back since. As soon as the sun is out again, I will be there!

Visit DisneyLand Paris?

I say this with a question mark because I am still not convinced. Technically this should not be on my Bucket List as this is something that I have already done before, although I was about 6 years old at the time.

The only issue I have is who will accompany me? I can’t say with any surety that people my age would be keen on seeing Mickey Mouse, would they?

Travel. Travel. Travel.

If you haven’t already gathered, I’m a girl who likes to travel.  I love being on the plane flying from one adventure to another.
Therefore, it is important to me that I get to see as much of France as possible.

Montpellier? Bordeaux? Grenoble? Chambery? Oh decisions, decisions!

I’ll be updating my Bucket List progress on my twitter page @lola_landed, so if you’re curious to know if I can do it, please follow !

Lola xo


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