Is Paris Overly Romanticized?

Type Paris into Google and these are some of the images that appear.

Gorgeous architecture, beautiful views and amazing food.

For decades Hollywood has convinced us that Paris is where the magic happens, it is where dreams come true and of course, where romance takes place.

Artists and novelists constantly remind us that Paris is truly inspiring in every sense of the word.

“An Artist has no home in Europe, except in Paris”- Friedrich Nietszche, German Philosopher

It is no surprise then that when talking to friends and family from the UK over the telephone they often come out with remarks like “oh my gosh you’re so lucky to be living in Paris!” “the city of love!’ “the city of lights.”

After being bombarded with these clichés over and over again, It got me thinking….

Is Paris overly romanticized? Are people walking on a false notion? Or dare I say it, are they being scammed?

After being in Paris for just over 4 months, I can officially say that I am no longer a tourist and I am no longer blinded by the clichés that go hand in hand with life in Paris.

No disrespect to Paris, I absolutely love being here. But the city is not as glamorous as people imagine it to be.

It’s just like any other cosmopolitan city, overcrowded, cold and dirty.

Yes there is the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre,- all of which are magnificent pieces of architecture but surely that cannot define the entirety of Paris?!

All it takes is to delve just a fraction outside the tourists hotspots to realise that Paris has many flaws.

With a haggard subway system which smells distinctly of stale urine, an army of illegal immigrants that swarm the streets of Paris and a growing rate of theft and violence, it’s hardly surprising that many native Parisians are hitting the road in search of greener pastures.

Perhaps Hollywood has not seemed to notice that Paris has changed, or maybe Paris has never been as we’ve always imagined it to be?

Is the glamorous romantic reputation of Paris based on a lie?

What do you think?  

Lola xo



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