Wining and Dining in Paris

Ok, so it’s been a while since my blog post. I have been meaning to update you guys I promise, it’s just that I have been sooo busy!

Living in a city like Paris, where things never stop and the social possibilities are endless leaves less time for pyjamas days snuggled under duvet with my precious laptop, and therefore less time to blog. I mean, I guess you could say that was a good thing….

Anyway a hell of a lot has changed since I moved to Paris. Like seriously. Factors like going out for dinner rather than getting takeaways, completely snubbing nightclubs for bars, and oh my gosh DATING french guys has made me feel a million times more grown up!

Speaking of growing up, last week was my birthday. I turned the big 21 in Paris!!! To be honest I had actually been secretly dreading my birthday for months for two main reasons:

One being that turning 21 means you are officially an adult. After this, it will be the last legitimate birthday I’ll have when I’m delighted to be another year older. After this there will be no more milestones to look forward too. After this I’ll be 22, which is three years off from 25, which is pretty much knocking on the door of 30!  :O

The second reason is that since moving to Paris, making friends has been somewhat of a challenge for me. Not to say that I’m socially awkward or that the French are unfriendly. Quite the contrary. Its just that having lived in Paris for over 2 months I was left wondering what I’ll be doing to celebrate my birthday and more importantly who I’ll be celebrating it with.

Of course you have a few acquaintances and people you hang out with but your experience will never be the same as spending your birthday with friends and family at home.

But do you know what? I actually really enjoyed it. Yes, it was considerably more tame than my raucous house party that I did for my 20th while at university but as I said before, this is new grown up me, the sophisticated Lola…

So Tuesday we went for a quiet yet, thoroughly enjoyable meal at the one and only Bercy Village at Cour St Emillion. Crowded with restaurants of every cuisine, this former wine warehouse is a now a hotspot for both locals and tourists alike. Spoilt for choice on where to eat, we opted for a quaint french restaurant named Partie de Campagne. Its friendly and highly countryesque decor was a refreshing step away from the urban and cosmopolitan feel of inner city Paris.

Partie de Campagne

We were  greeted at the door by cheerful bowler hat wearing waiters and offered a purse-friendly menu of traditional french cuisine teamed with foie gras, tartines and lots of crepes. It was an experience to be remembered.

Tarte au Limon

Plat du Jour? Without a doubt it had to be the tarte au limon meringuee. Delicious!


The next night we went to a very trendy Spanish Tapas bar and restaurant in Châtelet named Les Piétons. (Yes, I know it does not sound Spanish at all).

Despite the odd name, this restaurant is a MUST GO for any of you visiting or living in Paris. With tapas dishes starting at just 5€, Les Piétons is deliciously affordable with an amazing spanish atmosphere. With the dimmed lights, authentic Sangria and flirty Spanish waiters, it is truly the perfect scene for a girls night out.

Well there you have it, a little update on Paris life.

More to come!

Lola xo


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