Featured on Thirdyearabroad.com!

Okay, so it’s been over 2 weeks since my last post. I know wayy too long. I’ve been itching to blog about something, ANYTHING really but since having completed six amazing and eye-opening weeks in Spain working as an Aupair, life has become somewhat bland.

In-fact, life has taken a dramatic change from lounging about by the pool with a glass of Sangria to filling mundane paperwork forms for my year abroad in Paris, followed by several irritatingly long calls to Student Finance. (So not really blogging material)

However, after several weeks of nothingness I finally have something interesting to tell you! This blog has been selected to feature on thirdyearabroad.com!  When I saw the email this morning I nearly broke into a song and dance, and yes I know I’m probably being a bit OTT but it feels so cool seeing your name on an actual legitimate website.

For those of you who don’t know, thirdyeadabroad.com is the largest UK network offering support for students who are taking gap years or spending their third year of university abroad to either study in partner universities, volunteer, teach or intern.

Lizzie Fane, the founder of this wonderful site selects bloggers from across the country to blog about their experiences around the world and offer some helpful advice to potential year abroad students or maybe even indulge people who fancy being entertained by our misdemeanors abroad ;)

I feel like this will be the perfect platform for my new chapter in Paris, a place where I still have nowhere to live by the way!!!! But it’s okay I’m trying to keep calm on that situation….

But anyway if you fancy being kept in the loop while I’m away and you’re not a WordPress user, be sure to look me up on thirdyearabrod.com in the Top of The Blogs section!


Lola xo


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