Montjuïc Madness! Picnik Electronik 2013


Hola Chicos!

Summer is in full swing here in Barcelona, the shades are out, the bikini tops are on show, so what could be more fun than heading to the gorgeous Montjuic gardens in the heart of Barcelona to have a big ol’ picnic with some friends?! However, as you can tell from the image above, this was no ordinary picnic. This was much much more.

Like many of you, I had no clue what Piknic Electronik was about. To be honest I wasn’t really keen on going, a picnic in 32 c heat and electronic music- errmm no thanks. However, what I’ve learnt from my time abroad is that you’ve got to grab any opportunity your given. Adopting the YOLO, Never Say Never attitude is always the way because you never know you might just have fun!


And boy did I have fun! It was amazing! A melting pot of people from different parts of the world, the young, the old, the trendy, the crazy all bundled together in one big, mad, picnic.

Piknic Electronik is more than just a noisy picnic. It supports a really good cause too! The picnic is a sustainable event that promotes environmentally friendly values. It aims to bring friends and family together in a wholesome and green environment whilst also entertaining us with urban music played by some of the best DJ’s in the world.

Here till September 22nd, the event offers an unforgettable experience, every Sunday 1:00pm -10:00 pm.


Here we were baking in the summer sun, but don’t worry about getting too hot….


Because they have outdoor showers! Okay well these aren’t  exactly showers but kind of like ‘spritzer’ booths, aimed to offer a refreshing cool sensation.


Plus there are plenty of places to sit and picnic in the shade .


After you’ve had your fill of hotdogs and some spanish cerveza be prepared to dance the night away to high tempo electronic music. (Surprisingly better than I thought it would be!)


Random guy, that I couldn't help but put in this post. Isn't he funny?!

Random guy, that I couldn’t help but put in this post. Isn’t he funny?!

Still not convinced? If you happen to be in Barcelona and you fancy some fun in the sun go check out their Facebook page for more information.

Hasta luego!

Lola xo


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