What The World Needs Are Churros!

What the world needs now,
Is love, sweet love,
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.

Jackie Deshannon

This used to be one of my all-time favourite songs, I remember this playing over and over in the background during our long family car trips. The subtle vocals and the oh so simple, yet profound lyrics of Deshannon rang true to me as a child and reminded me of how devoid the world is of love and compassion.

However, after having spent 10 days in Spain all I want to say now is…. Dear Jackie, it’s not love that the world needs but CHURROS!

Now I know some of you guys are rolling your eyes at me now thinking, how on earth can Churros  solve the world’s problems?! Indeed, some of you may even be wondering what Churros are…

Okay, okay so  the whole Churros are what the world needs comment was a slight exaggeration but seriously guys these snacks are the shizzle! You’ve got to believe me!

On Wednesday the 3rd of July 2013 at 12:15 pm I ate my first ever Churro. Like some of you I had heard of them before but had never seen one and often wondered what they would taste like. Soft or crunchy? Sweet or savoury? Bread or a pastry? How big are they?!

Today, all my questions were finally answered.

Queuing up for the delicious treats!

Queuing up for the delicious treats!

Churros are a Spanish dessert said to have been developed by shepherds hundreds of years ago. Nowadays they come in all different shapes and sizes but traditionally are made into cylindrical cake-like forms and dusted in mouth-watering cinnamon sugar.

Some of you British folk may believe this to be an ordinary “yum-yum” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A Churro is far better than any yum-yum that I have ever eaten! The deep-fried dough with its crispy golden skin and soft, chewy centre is a delight to devour.


Dunkin’ the churro ;)

What tops it all off is dipping the fresh and slightly warm Churro into a glass of “Cola-cao”, a deliciously thick and rich chocolate drink- a match made in heaven.

These spanish delights may not bring an end to war, natural disaster or disease but they sure will brighten up your day. I urge to you try them!

Any Churro lovers out there? I’d love to know! 

Lola xo


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