Tongue-Tied in Barcelona

The less sophisticated of my forbears avoided foreigners at all costs, for the very good reason that, in their circles, speaking in tongues was commonly a prelude to snake handling. The more tolerant among us regarded foreign languages as a kind of speech impediment that could be overcome by willpower.  Barbara Ehrenreich

I’m here, I did it! Lola has Landed in Barcelona.

Despite all my whining about how tough it will be working as an Aupair, I still managed to get my arse on the plane to Barcelona El Prat Airport on Sunday evening carrying a camera and a single suitcase ready for my next aventura.

After waiting for about 10 minutes at the arrivals lounge I was greeted by my “adopted” family with a succession of hugs and kisses.

We get in the car and all of sudden I’m bombarded with thousands of questions by the children. “Lola, Lola, Lola!!!” All I can hear is my name being shouted out but nothing else. It’s almost as if someone has gone and thrown a grenade directly at the Spanish section of my brain. I have nothing. I’m completely blank.

The Parents are not so bad because they can speak a little English but the girls (sigh) …What am I going to do?!

Right now all I can manage is “si, si” and “me gusta tambien”

Was I crazy in thinking I’d be able to handle living in Spain after only having my first ever Spanish lesson 9 months ago!?!

What’s even more frustrating is that Barcelona’s main language, as most of you know, is Catalan. Freaking Catalan! Now don’t get me wrong it sounds like a beautiful language but it is just so difficult to understand.

“In Spanish chicas!” The Parents earnestly beg their children as they witness yet again my stupidly blank expression.

I’ve been in Spain for a total of 24 hours and I can say that before this trip I was determined to make this a worthwhile six weeks, to see at least some slight improvement in my language ability but I’m now starting to think that I’ve bitten off rather more than I can chew….

What do you guys think? Can 6 weeks in Barcelona really do the trick? 

Lola xo


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